The future that
you’re planning for
is completely

unique and

It’s about your
hopes and dreams.

At Patina Wealth, we know that the care and attention we give to our clients is just as important as analyzing markets and economic trends.

You need to feel comfortable that your financial advisor understands your plans for the future and will personalize your portfolio with the ultimate goal of supporting those dreams.

Who do you want your
investment advisor working for?

For Himself or Herself?

If this is your preference, you’ve come to the wrong place. You need to find an investment broker instead.

Brokers make money by selling you investments.

And because the commissions paid by investments varies, your broker will have a strong financial incentive to sell you investments that generate more money—for the broker. Those investments may not be the best ones for you—they may have higher fees, for example, or be more risky—but they’ll be the best ones for your broker.

Or for You?

If this is your preference, congratulations—you’ve come to the right place.

Patina Wealth is a Registered Investment Advisor in Charlottesville and Richmond, not a broker.

We never collect commissions on the investments we recommend to you. We’re not affiliated with any brokerage. Instead, you pay us a small fee to give you unbiased advice and manage your investments. We’re beholden only to you, because our approach fully aligns our interests with those of our clients.

How to choose the right
investment advisor.

Make sure you agree with your advisor’s investment philosophy and process.

What guides your advisor’s decisions on what to do with your money? And how do they operate?

The investment principles that drive their recommendations and the procedures they follow ought to make sense to you. If an advisor gives you the impression that their philosophy is too sophisticated for you to understand, it’s time to say thanks but no thanks.

Learn more about what we believe and how we work.

Look for transparency about compensation and benefits.

After you’ve had an initial meeting with a prospective investment advisor, do you understand—clearly—how they will be paid and what benefits you’ll receive in return?

If anything seems unclear, ask again. If you don’t receive a satisfactory answer, keep looking.

At Patina Wealth, transparency about compensation starts here.

Make sure you’re comfortable with the person you’ll be working with.

It’s okay to listen to your gut.

Find an investment advisor you’re comfortable talking with—and taking advice from. It’s essential to choose someone you can be honest and open with about what you want to achieve—and what your concerns are—now and in the future.

You want to feel comfortable picking up the phone and talking with your advisor whenever it’s important to you to do so. Before you make a decision about whether to trust an investment advisor with your nest egg, call and make an appointment to talk with them so you can share your goals and listen to what they have to say.

Find an advisor who will give you personal attention and expert advice.

You should never feel like “just another client.” There’s no one else exactly like you, and no situation exactly like yours.

At Patina Wealth, you’ll always be warmly welcomed, treated with respect, and given expert advice custom-tailored to your own needs, values, goals, and life circumstances.

We’ll start by listening to yours.

What are your dreams and goals?

Start a conversation with your Charlottesville financial advisor today about how to save for the life you have planned.

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