Have a positive social and environmental impact while investing for your future.

Patina Wealth is proud to offer a solution for investors who are interested in achieving a societal impact with their investment choices in addition to investment returns. Impact investing involves selecting investment funds that consider environmental and societal impacts and corporate governance factors in their investment process. The goal of impact investing is to enable investors to drive social change through investment decision-making.

Patina Wealth’s Approach to Impact Investing

Patina Wealth is interested in learning what type of impact you are interested in achieving. By understanding your motivations, Patina Wealth can better customize a portfolio to ensure that your investments align with your values.

Below is a sample of the types of screens that are available among impact-focused funds.

U.S. companies that have positive environmental, social and governance characteristics.

Companies with a lower carbon exposure than that of the broad equity market.

Companies that demonstrate greater gender diversity within senior leadership.

Alternatively, Patina offers a more turn-key solution in which all investment choices are intended to have an impact component. These investments will fall in line with our firm’s philosophy of keeping expenses low through the use of low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and mutual funds.

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