Philosophy &

The principles that drive our decisions and recommendations.

At Patina Wealth the investment advice we give and the ways we invest your money will always be customized to meet your personal needs and preferences. Whenever your life changes, we’ll adjust our recommendations—and your portfolio—accordingly.

But our core investment philosophy remains the rock on which everything else is built, because we believe it gives you—and all of our clients—the best chance of achieving your long-term financial objectives.

It’s important to make sure you understand—and are comfortable with—the investment philosophy of any investment advisor before you place your trust and your money in their hands.

That’s why we’re clear with you about ours.


The Patina Wealth Investment Philosophy is based on practical principles that work together to balance stability and performance:

Portfolio Diversification

Diversifying a carefully constructed portfolio by investing in multiple asset classes—from domestic, international, and emerging market equities to various fixed income markets at home and abroad—has been shown to offer investors the best chance of achieving their long-term financial goals while minimizing risk to their principal.

Strategic Rebalancing

We work with you to identify the best percentages of your portfolio to allocate to various instruments and asset classes. Then we monitor your investments throughout the year to maintain these percentages by rebalancing your positions among assets that have appreciated and those that have become undervalued.

This strategic rebalancing helps to maintain the diversification of your portfolio and keep it in line with the objectives we’ve helped you establish.

Keeping Your Costs—and Taxes—Low

Too many products in the investment world charge excessive fees, under-deliver when it comes to performance—or both.

At Patina, we look closely at underlying expenses and fees—including hidden ones—as we work to develop the right portfolio mix for you. Fees and expenses drain money in your account, and keeping them as low as possible improves your chance of maximizing long-term results.

We also look for investment products that keep your portfolio’s turnover low, which helps reduce your ongoing tax burden.

How we’ll work with you

Getting Started

We know you have your own unique objectives and goals. Whether you’re saving for college, planning for retirement, have special family issues to consider, or have an entirely different goal—or multiple goals that seem difficult to reconcile—we’ll take a fresh approach that puts your needs first.

We begin by meeting with you to discuss your assets, requirements, and goals so we can develop an appropriate financial objective and risk profile for your situation.

Once we fully understand your goals and have agreed on a strategy, we’ll recommend an appropriate allocation of your assets—then construct a portfolio just for you.

Ongoing Management of Your Portfolio

Once your portfolio is set up, we’ll continually monitor and manage it to make sure it stays aligned with your goals and preferences.

Ongoing Process Asset Management

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