How We Get
Paid—and How
You Benefit

We work for you—and only for you.

Patina Wealth is a Registered Investment Advisor with offices in Charlottesville and Richmond. In exchange for our investment expertise and advice, we receive a fee based on the assets in your portfolio.

As a fee-only advisor, our compensation is paid by our clients and only by our clients. We make no other money from the investment products we recommend to you. The advice we provide will be based solely on what we believe to be in your best interests and on your unique objectives and goals.

Patina Wealth is completely independent.

We have no affiliation with any other financial firm. As such, we are free from pressure to only use certain investment products. Unlike brokerage firms and their representatives:

We don’t sell investment products,

and we never receive commissions from the investments we recommend to you.

We have a fiduciary duty to you as our client,

and are legally obligated to always put your interests ahead of our own when we give you financial advice.

Unlike brokers, we have no ulterior motives, conflicts of interest, or self-serving financial incentives. Our investment advice is based solely on what we truly believe is in your best interest.

Our Promise

100% fiduciary responsibility to you
no commissions
no hidden or excessive fees
no ulterior motives
no conflicting loyalties

No Unnecessary Fees
Or Hidden Costs

One of the most important steps to take to maximize long-term results is to reduce the amount of cash leaving your account in the form of unnecessary and excessive fees, which are often hidden in the fine print.

At Patina Wealth, we always read the fine print carefully and thoroughly to help you avoid:

12b-1 fees

Some mutual funds charge you 12b-1 fees—in addition to their management fees and operating expenses—to make you pay for their own marketing expenses. A 12b-1 typically removes an additional 0.25% per year from your account, creating a continual drag on returns. We’ll help you steer clear of investment products that charge 12b-1 fees.

Mutual fund “loads”

Loads are sales charges or commissions that investors pay when purchasing or redeeming certain funds. If you put your money into these funds, you’re forced to either pay a front-end (A-share) load when you purchase the fund or a back-end (B-share) load when you redeem the fund. The load is paid to the sales intermediary—usually the broker who’s “recommending” (i.e., sales pitching) it to you. These sales charges are unnecessary, and we avoid recommending investment products that include them.

401(k) “plan administration fees”

We’ll help you determine whether it makes sense to roll your old 401(k) into an IRA, which typically have lower fees and offer more investment options.

No Hidden Fees Investing Central Virginia
Remember, the less you pay in excessive fees, the more money you keep in your account—and the better your chances of achieving your long-term financial goals.

For complete details on what we can do for you in the central Virginia area
and how we’ll be compensated, contact us today to arrange
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