The Patina Wealth
to Client

The care and attention we give to our clients is just as important as analyzing markets and economic trends.

We understand that working with you and managing your portfolio are about much more than money.

It’s about your hopes and dreams—and the life you plan for yourself and those you love.

At Patina Wealth, we know that the care and attention we give to our clients is just as important as analyzing markets and economic trends.

In their obsession with making money for themselves, Wall Street and the financial industry too often forget that.

We never do.

We invest your money not just the way we’d invest it if it were our own—but in the way we’d invest it if we were in your shoes, with the same dreams, and facing the same issues.

Whenever you have concerns, ideas, or changes in your life, we’ll always be happy to hear from you. We’ll listen, respond thoughtfully, and take action promptly when needed.

The Values We Live and Work By

As a Patina client, you can expect a personal relationship with us built on our core values, including:


In keeping with our passion for providing advice grounded in uncompromising ethical standards, we operate as a fee-only independent advisor. This structure ensures that your interests always come first.


We understand that trust is built on the way we treat you and the values we keep. It’s also built on a sound investment philosophy that we believe increases the chances of long-term financial performance while mitigating risks, minimizing costs, and avoiding hidden fees and charges.


At Patina Wealth, we’re completely clear and open about our approach to investing, how we operate, how we’re paid, and what you receive from us in return.


Consistent communication is essential to building a strong relationship and ensuring that your goals are met. We’ll meet with you regularly to ensure that we’re on track to achieve your investment objectives. You’re always welcome and encouraged to contact us at any time for personal attention and expert advice.


Our experience has shown us that too often investment advisors become overburdened by accepting too many clients, leading to a rushed, “cookie-cutter” approach to portfolio management and client service. Our goal is to develop strong, lasting, and personal relationships with a limited number of clients, so you can contact us at any time and get the attention you deserve.


Our disciplined investment philosophy—which is supported by academic research—helps us avoid emotional decision-making that can erode long-term performance. We do this by identifying your goals up front, then establishing a clear path to achieve them.

At Patina Wealth in Charlottesville and Richmond, our core values are reflected
in every aspect of our relationships with our clients.
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