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Patina Wealth is an independent Registered Investment Advisor with offices in Charlottesville, VA and Richmond, VA. We work with each individual client to build a portfolio that meets their specific needs.

Being independent allows us to build investment portfolios that are in our clients’ best interests. To us, that means portfolios that are broadly diversified across multiple asset classes while keeping underlying investment expenses low. To learn more about our investment philosophy click here.

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A Personal Message from Sam Harris

Founder and Owner

Welcome to Patina Wealth.

I started this business because I’m passionate about two things.

The first is the field of finance, which I’ve always found fascinating. It was my major in college, and it’s been the basis of my entire career, which I began at Wachovia Securities in Richmond nearly two decades ago. I love following the daily financial news and analyzing the latest investment vehicles and opportunities.

My second passion is helping people achieve their financial goals. By helping them, I don’t mean selling them investment products. I mean recommending the right investments for them and their families, based on who they are and the lives they lead.

I have three young children, and it’s important to me to teach them the ethics and values I believe in—not in some abstract way, but in the life I lead and in the work I do.

It’s clear that not everyone in the financial industry feels the same way. You only need to look at the public perception of Wall Street to understand what I’m talking about. Perhaps it’s inevitable that many of those drawn to an industry focused on money would end up believing that money is all that matters.

But money isn’t all that matters to me—or to my clients.

Make no mistake—money is of vital importance. It’s key to achieving your dreams. But ultimately money isn’t an end in itself. It’s just one element—though an essential one, of course—among those you need to consider if you want to achieve a meaningful life and leave a legacy that lives beyond you in your family and those close to you.

That’s why when we meet for the first time, money won’t be the first thing I’ll ask you about. I want you to start by sharing what matters most to you now—and what will continue to matter to you in the years ahead.

Only when I understand who you are and what you care about will I be able to recommend the financial strategy that will best help you achieve your goals.

When we talk, one phrase you’ll never hear me use is, “It’s only money.” It’s never only money, and it’s never only about money.

It’s about you—who you are, what you care about, and what you hope to achieve.

Whatever that is, I’m here to help. Please feel free to call or email me anytime.


Best Regards,

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Sam Harris

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